X-BAR - Industrial InkJet Systems

The X-BAR system revolutionizes traditional printing by introducing digital, variable printing capabilities, including barcodes, text elements, logos, and more. It employs drop-on-demand inkjet technology that is both reliable and cost-effective, while delivering outstanding image quality, even in font sizes as small as 2 points and 1D barcodes as tiny as 6.7 mils. X-BAR seamlessly integrates with legacy systems and is supported by Fujifilm's cutting-edge Samba Printhead technology, KaoCollins' superior ink products, and Phoenix Digital Solutions' expertise, ensuring a smooth transition to modern inkjet technology for applications such as direct mail, transactional printing, promotional materials, and beyond.

The X-BAR is a direct replacement to the Kodak 6240 (aka 4" Kodak Versamark) and the Kodak DH90 (aka 9" Kodak Versamark) printing systems.
The Universal Controller is a replacment to the Kodak 400 System Controller and the 410 System Controllers. Developed by KaoCollins, this controller will print IJPDS and PDF data streams. It can print to the X-BAR 4" and 9" heads, Kodak 6240 printheads and possibly the DS9100 if there is a requirement.
With a DPI of 1200 x 600. Currently a top speed of 1000 f/min, however tests have seen this print upto 1750 f/min.
Matched with the right ink, the X-BAR delivers high-quality results on porous bond, high-gloss coated stock, films, foils, and more.
The X-BAR print module is designed to retrofit in place of the Kodak 6240 and Kodak DH90 9" printing system. Phoenix Digital Solutions Limited, (based in the UK but will travel worldwide) can install the new hardware on your existing systems. We will provide all related training and services to get you printing as well as the right ink for your substrate, which is provided by KaoCollins.
You can be back up and running in 2 to 10 minutes. Another plus, the module can be set in an idle mode without the need to shut down the entire machine, which significantly reduces downtime during startup. No more Charge Shorts, lengthy Shutdown's and Ready sequences to deal with.
At least 10,000 - 20,000 hours per XBAR module. Both the 4" print width XBAR head and 9" print width XBAR head contain 6 x SAMBA modules (manufactured by Fujifilm).
The X-BAR is a monochrome system. Each X-BAR head can run black or spot-color inks. Contact us for more information.
6 pico-liters but can vary with the different waveforms that are available.
Kao Collins is always developing new inks. Right now, compatible industrial inkjet inks include water-based dye, water-based pigment, pigment polymer, and the versatile UV-curable. Also, the electron beam (EB) curable ink is designed for the X-BAR.
You can expect up to a 50% reduction in ink usage.
4-inch module has 2 arrays of 3 Samba G3L printheads. Each array has 5,632 nozzles. 9-inch module has 1 array of 6 Samba G3L printheads for a total of 11,264 nozzles.
SAMBA is an extensible “printhead on a chip” technology that is analogous to the evolution of the Integrated Circuit (IC) from a single chip with limited functionality to Large Scale Integration (LSI) incorporating thousands of integrated functions. This breakthrough in industrial inkjet printhead design results in the potential of having the packing density and cost of Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ), coupled with the high throughput of Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) yet providing the operational flexibility associated with Piezo Ink Jet (PIJ). Developed by FujiFilm.
Silicon Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are used in piezo printhead ‘channel’ plates, the channels from the ink manifold to the actuator chamber, and then to the nozzles. These ultra-small components are what make high-speed, high-resolution industrial inkjet printing possible.
For both the 4-inch and 9-inch modules, the cross-process dpi is 1,200. The process resolution is 300, 600, or 1,200.
The printing width of the 4-inch module is 4.6933 inches (119.2 mm) The printing width of the 9-inch module is 9.386 inches (238.4 mm )
We can help you build a custom printhead mount, we will remove your existing inkjet printhead mounting and build a new custom designed transport head, this will sit on top of your existing paper handling transport and support the printheads.

Phoenix Digital Solutions Limited are authorized by KaoCollins for installation and servicing in the UK, Europe a beyond working on and installing the X-BAR printing systems.